In 2012-13 Council spent $110,000 to upgrade the oval and install an irrigation system (which included installing a new water bore and storage tank), to improve turf coverage at Sandford Oval. At this time the quality of the oval improved vastly. However, during the past few years, the water quality from the bore has gradually deteriorated causing the oval surface to be unsuitable for playing cricket. This has been caused by the increased salinity of the water which has killed the grass.

Testing of the bore has confirmed the reduced quality of the water supply. Attempts to improve the quality of the water have been difficult. Due to the poor quality of the turf, no alternative reliable source of irrigation and in addressing safety concerns, it was decided that cricket should no longer be played on the oval until a solution to find a more reliable source of water could be found.

Council has been in discussion with the Sandford Cricket Club and Southern Cricket Association and it was decided that the club would be based temporarily at Clarendon Vale Oval, sharing this facility with the Rokeby Cricket Club. A temporary building will be located at Clarendon Vale Oval to facilitate a canteen for the club.

Council is working with consultants to investigate the feasibility and cost estimate of bringing a permanent water supply from Lauderdale to Sandford Oval with the aim to ensure there is a reliable source of water and safe conditions to play cricket on. Council understands that this is not an ideal situation for the club and community.

We are seeking to arrange another meeting with the club to discuss the issues and attempt to provide practical solutions and a way forward.