Wentworth Park Play Park, Salacia Avenue, Howrah TAS, Australia

Wentworth Park Play Park is one of our regional parks featuring beach access, bike education track, play equipment, barbecues, picnic area and toilets. Play equipment includes swings, spring riders and rocker.

Located at Wentworth Park Play Park is a bike education track, a place where young children can ride their bike while learning important road safety principles along the way. The track, which caters for young children aged roughly between 5 to 10 years, features speed humps, give way and stop signs, a roundabout, rail crossing, traffic lights, pedestrian crossing and give way intersections for children to navigate through on their bikes.

Accessibility features: Accessible unisex toilet.

Barbecues: Use of the barbecues is on a first come first served basis and all barbecues are free of charge. In the interest of hygiene and consideration of others please clean barbecues after use.

Dog access: Dogs are permitted on lead but are not allowed within 10 metres of play equipment and must always be under effective control.


  • Accessibility features
  • BBQ
  • Carpark
  • Fenced equipment
  • Picnic area
  • Play equipment
  • Toilet

Additional information

  • Bike education track, catering for children aged approx. 5-10 years old
  • Walking trails
  • Cycling trails
  • Ball kick about area
  • Beach access
  • Bottle fill station