Natone Hill, Nubeena Street, Geilston Bay TAS, Australia


  • Walking: Easy
  • Cycling: Easy

Length: 2.7km approx.

Time: 45 minute walk around the circuit

Parking: On-street at Tianna Road or Natone Street

Dogs: Under effective control (Please obey signage. Effective control means your dog is in close proximity, in line of sight, immediately responds to your voice command. If not, leave your dog on lead.)


This is an easy walk or bike ride for families and young children.

There is a mostly level gravel track around the perimeter of the hill, apart from the section along Tianna Road. Use the Zig Zag and Upper Track to complete the circuit between Rowitta Road and Natone Street (bike riders may prefer to use Tianna Road which is less hilly) or alternatively retrace your steps back to the start to avoid the hilly section.

On-street car parking is available on Nubeena Street and Tianna Road.

You can also walk to the top of the hill from points along the circuit, the shortest being the Zig Zag Track near Natone Street. This is a short but steep track and takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

There are panoramic views from the top and you can also view wartime bunkers completed by army reservists as a training exercise during World War II.


  • Mountain biking
  • Suitable for reduced mobility
  • Walking