Sunday 17 Feb: Swing Sunday, Bellerive Boardwalk 3-7.30pm

Big bands and swing dance demonstrations

  • 3pm: Rosny College Stage Band + Moonlight Aviators
  • 4pm: Clarence City Jazz Band + Moonlight Aviators
  • 5.10pm: St Joe’s Big Band – Australia’s oldest band + Lindy Mob
  • 6.30pm: Elizabeth College Summer School Super Band

Monday 18 Feb: Twilight Concert, Wentworth Park Play Park, Howrah, 6-8pm

  • 6pm: The Lewincamp Trio
  • 7pm: Nouveau Jazz

Tuesday 19 Feb: Twilight Concert, Simmons Park, Lindisfarne, 6-8pm

  • 6pm: Arman & Co.
  • 7pm: Paul Martin Quartet

Wednesday 20 Feb: Twilight Concert, South Arm Oval, South Arm, 6-8pm

  • 6pm: D7
  • 7pm: The CC Strutters

Thursday 21 Feb: Twilight Concert, Richmond Village Green, Richmond, 6-8pm

  • 6pm: Jane Morris Quintet
  • 7pm: Les Coqs Incroyables

Friday 22 Feb: The Big Weekend, Rosny Farm, 6-11.30pm

  • 6pm: The Wholly Cats
  • 7pm: CJF Scholars
  • 9pm: The Big Beats

In the Jazz Lounge at Rosny Farm

  • 6pm: Galapagos Duck (Syd) $20
  • 8.30pm: SHOW: Nina Simone Tribute $15
  • 10pm: Lagoon Hill Zydeco

Saturday 23 Feb: The Big Weekend, Rosny Farm, 2-11.30pm

  • 2pm: The Fats Holler
  • 4pm: Billy Whitton and the Swingin Hepcats
  • 6pm: Mia Palencia in Good Company
  • 7.30pm: Uncle Gus and the Rim Shots
  • 9pm: Big Small Band

In the Jazz Lounge at Rosny Farm

  • 2-4pm: Katy Raucher and Mangus sing Ella and Louis $10
  • 6pm: SHOW: TBA
  • 8pm: Galapagos Duck (Syd) $20
  • 10pm: The Stitch

Sunday 24 Feb: The Big Weekend, Rosny Farm, 12-6pm

  • 12pm: Dave Sikk Quartet
  • 2pm: Presidential Suite
  • 4pm: Adrian Cunningham Allstars

In the Jazz Lounge at Rosny Farm

  • 1pm: SHOW: We Be Three $15
  • 3.30pm: Nadira and Friends – Songs of Nat King Cole $10

Contact: For more information and for purchasing tickets to the ticketed events visit the Clarence Arts & Events website.

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Date: 17 February 2019, 18 February 2019, 19 February 2019, 20 February 2019, 21 February 2019, 22 February 2019, 23 February 2019, 24 February 2019

Time: Various

Cost: Mostly free, some ticketed events


Rosny Farm, Rosny Hill Road, Rosny Park TAS, Australia