Surf Rd, Seven Mile Beach TAS 7170, Australia


  • Walking: Moderate

Length: 15km

Time: 4.5 hour walk

Parking: Parks and Wildlife ranger station at Day Use Area 3. Horse and dog owners should start at Day Use Area 4 as animals are restricted on the beach between Day Use Area 3 and 4

Dogs: Under effective control (Please obey signage. Effective control means your dog is in close proximity, in line of sight, immediately responds to your voice command. If not, leave your dog on lead)


This route takes you along Seven Mile Beach, across Sandy Point and back along the sand flats of Five Mile Beach. End the walk by climbing the timber steps at the western end of Five Mile Beach to a picnic area and car park.

Restrictions for Horses and Dogs

  • Seven Mile Beach – Horses and Dogs permitted on beach all year round except the section between Day Use Area 3 and Day Use Area 4 where dogs are prohibited 1 Dec to 1 Mar 10am to 6pm. At other times dogs must be on lead. Horses prohibited on beach west of Day Use Area 4 at all times.
  • Sandy Point – Animals are prohibited at all times.
  • Five Mile Beach – Animals are prohibited for 600m east of 5 Mile Beach Day Use Area. Further east horses and dogs on lead are permitted on the beach except during bird nesting season (1 October to 31 March) when they must use the inland track parallel to the beach.



  • Cycling
  • Horse riding
  • Walking

Warning: The Five Mile Beach section may be impossible to walk during high tide because of driftwood, fallen trees and shrubbery at the high water mark. An alternative inland track that follows the coast can be used instead. Although this is level, easy walking, a reasonable degree of fitness is required due to the length of the walk. There is no shade, so wear appropriate clothing including a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, and take sunscreen and water. Check weather conditions and tides prior to the walk.

You may need to do some car shuffling or arrange lifts for each end of the walk. Alternatively you can walk 2km along Pittwater Road at the end of the walk.