Customer Service Charter

Clarence City Council has a Customer Service Charter which expresses our commitment to delivering high quality service to all our customers and what a customer can expect when dealing with us.

The Customer Service Charter includes our principles and values, standards, and a procedure for complaints.

Our commitment

You can expect that:

  • We will provide a prompt, friendly, courteous and efficient service
  • We will provide clear and accurate information
  • We will respect, listen and respond to your concerns
  • We will respect your privacy
  • We will keep you informed of the progress of your enquiry

We will:

  • Greet you in a friendly way and identify ourselves
  • Have our customer service counters attended at all times
  • Answer and return telephone calls promptly
  • Respond to your correspondence promptly
  • Be helpful and sensitive to your needs
  • Communicate clearly and in plain language
  • Work with you to solve problems

You can help us by:

  • Treating our staff with mutual respect
  • Respecting the rights of other people
  • Providing accurate and complete information in your dealings with us
  • Respecting the community in which we live
  • Working with us to solve problems

Included in the Customer Service Charter is a set of standards to provide guidance on how we will respond to your enquiry within a specified timeframe. Response times vary and are dependent on the type of enquiry. Standards for these are taken from best practice, legislative timeframes and standards from our Annual Plan.

To find out more about these standards and response times and to read our Customer Service Charter, click on the link below.

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1993, our Customer Service Charter is reviewed every two years. The next review will be in 2018.


If you are not satisfied with our service or if we have made a mistake, we ask that you contact us directly so that the matter can be resolved.

A complaint can be made by phone, in person, in writing or by email. We will try to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible and get back to you by your preferred method of response. Anonymous complaints may only be accepted and dealt with if the matter is considered to be serious and if there is a risk to persons and property.

All staff are responsible for dealing with complaints relating to their area. You can contact the staff member who is dealing with your request directly and they will work with you so that the matter can be resolved.

While most problems can usually be resolved quickly, there are times when a detailed investigation is required. If it will take time, we will keep you informed of the progress of your complaint.

If your complaint is of a serious matter or is a complex one, please put it in writing and address it to the General Manager, who will arrange for the appropriate manager to deal with it.

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you can ask for a review of your complaint by the General Manager who will investigate the matter and contact you about it.

You may also seek the advice of an alderman who may take up the matter on your behalf.

If you are still not satisfied with council’s resolution to your complaint, there are other external avenues available:

  • The Ombudsman
  • Office of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner
  • Director, Division of Local Government, Security and Emergency Management

While you can refer your complaint directly to these bodies at any time, we strongly encourage you to approach council to investigate your complaint first.

Any administrative decision where council has a statutory decision making role may be subject to a further review under the Judicial Review Act 2000.

External Organisations

The following organisations can be contacted if you are not happy with Council’s response to your complaint.

The Ombudsman
Ground Floor, 99 Bathurst Street
Hobart TAS 7000
Phone: 1800 001 170


Office of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner
Level 1, 54 Victoria Street
Hobart TAS 7000
Phone: 03 6233 4841 or 1300 305 062


Director, Local Government Division
Department of Premier and Cabinet
Level 5, 15 Murray Street
Hobart TAS 7000
GPO Box 123, Hobart TAS 7001
Phone: 03 6232 7022


If you have received good service from us, we would like to hear from you.

You can do this directly by speaking to the relevant staff member or you can phone, write or email us.

How to make a complaint or give a compliment

You can make a complaint or give a compliment by the following:

Phone                   6217 9500
In Person             38 Bligh Street, Rosny Park (business hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5.15pm)
Writing                 The General Manager, Po Box 96, Rosny Park, TAS 7018
Aldermen             Contact details can be found on the Aldermen page.