• Construction of walkways within the Clarendon Vale Green Belt from Mockridge Road to Marsden Street.
  • Construction of footpath and bus bay on Acton Road, Acton Park.
  • Road pavement stabilisation works on Acton Drive, Acton Park.
  • Road rehabilitation works on South Terrace, Lauderdale.
  • Kerb, gutter and footpath upgrades on Kerria to Lantana Road, Risdon Vale.
  • Footpath sealing on Raleigh Court, Howrah.
  • Gravel formation work on Dixon Point Road, Sandford.
  • Pothole repairs in Otago Bay, Rosny and Bellerive.
  • Reseal works on various roads.


  • Drain construction on South Terrace, Lauderdale, associated with roadworks.
  • Investigation to improve stormwater quality along Howrah Beach.
  • Continuation of the Cambridge Oval stormwater collection project.
  • Stormwater upgrade on Hay Street, Seven Mile Beach.

Parks and reserves

  • Irrigation upgrade continues at Bellerive Beach Park.
  • Irrigation upgrade for Tanundal Park, Howrah.
  • Construction of Warrane Community Garden and toilet at 18 Heemskirk Street, Warrane.
  • Track construction from Blessington to Fort Direction, South Arm.
  • Track construction from Pindos Park to Gully Track, Tranmere.
  • Track construction from Flagstaff Hill to Caves Hill on the Meehan Ranges.
  • Ongoing Meehan Range Mountain Bike track construction.
  • Track construction on Glebe Hill Reserve, Glebe Hill.
  • Tree replacement program in Clarendon Vale.
  • Roches Beach access works.
  • Construction of a ball catching fence at Wentworth Park sportsground.
  • Replacement of play equipment in Neilson Park, Rokeby.

Fire Management

  • Continuation of inspection, preparation and burning of natural areas as per the various natural area management plans, as the conditions allow.
  • Continuation of Council’s annual firebreak management program.

Council Facilities

  • Accessibility compliance works at Geilston Bay Playgroup Centre and Warrane Sports Centre.
  • Installation of grease traps at council facilities that prepare food onsite.