Placement and condition of bins for waste collection


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The following points provide guidance on the placement of bins for collection:

  • Leave your bins out for collection on the evening before collection day, or prior to 6.00am on collection day.
  • Lids should be closed as overfull bins will not be collected.
  • Do not place rubbish on top of or beside the bin.
  • Place the bins on clear ground at the road verge next to your driveway and a minimum of 2 metres away from any vehicles.
  • Bins should be placed on the footpath close to the edge of the kerb so as not to obstruct the footpath for users or if there is no kerb, on the side of your driveway or on the gravel/grass road verge close to the road.
  • The handle should face your property, and the Council logo should face the road.
  • Place your wheelie bins beside each other with a space of around 1 metre between each bin.


On occasion bins may not be emptied and this could be the result any number of factors, these include roadworks being conducted, cars parked in front of the bin, items stuck in the bin or the bin may have simply been missed. In these instances please contact Council to make alternative arrangements.

In instances where the bin is not presented correctly a brightly coloured sticker detailing the nature of the issue will be attached to the uncollected bin.  Instances where this may occur are:

  • Overfull bins – overfull bins expose the driver to an increased risk of rubbish falling onto the road or footpath as they complete the service and the contractor is not obligated to collect any bin that is overfull, excess waste will need to be disposed of by the resident.
  • Contaminated bins – the collection services for recycling and green waste is specifically for those waste  items, mixing other types of material into your recycling or green waste bin will result in the bin not being collected and the resident being responsible for the disposal of those items.
  • Non-Council bins – Council requires residents to only use waste, recycling or green waste bins that display the logo of the Clarence City Council, bins not displaying this logo will not be collected and the resident being responsible for the disposal of those items.
  • Additional bins  - residents pay rates for the provision of waste collections services that are particular to their property, if bins are presented for collection that are above the quantity of bins identified for that property the bin will not be collected and the resident will be  responsible for the disposal of those items.

For more information or if you would like to arrange for a larger bin to be provided please contact Council on 6217 9500 or 6217 9690.