With many people and families now working and studying from home due to COVID-19, it is likely the amount of general household waste in each residence may increase.

Clarence City Council will continue its usual waste collection services during this time, however, council does not have the capacity to increase its collection due the limited number of garbage trucks that are available to service our city.  We, therefore, urge residents to continue separating their general waste, recycling and green waste, as well as encourage people to be mindful about reducing and reusing where possible. Please ensure that recycling waste is not contaminated with other non-recycling waste.

What you can do to help

  • Start a compost bin or pile for your organic waste, such as food scraps and garden clippings.
  • Remember to collapse cardboard boxes, cans and packaging before placing them in bins.
  • Don’t spring clean. As tempting as it may be, please hold off until we get through the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Keep unwanted clothes, household items, furniture or appliances until we get through the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Limit the use of single-use and disposable products and choose alternatives which can be used again.
  • Opt for products with minimal packaging where possible.
  • Refuse plastic bags when you don’t need them. Keep reusable bags handy so you remember to take them to the shops. You can also use boxes or your own shopping trolley bag or backpack.
  • When buying fruit and vegetables, bring reusable produce bags.
  • If you don’t read advertising mail, put a sign on your letterbox to avoid receiving it.
  • Use washed takeaway containers as stackable containers for frozen food.
  • Recycle unwanted plastic bags or soft plastics including pasta and rice bags, shopping bags, foil-lined chip packets, frozen food and veggie bags, bread bags (ties and tags removed), confectionery bags and plastic wrap from the outside of toilet paper and paper towels through REDcycle at most Coles and Woolworths stores.
  • Roll aluminium foil into a ball and place it in a recycling bin, even if it has food stuck to it.
  • Repurpose glass jars to store food or other items or pass them on to friends or groups that will reuse them.

For non-hazardous excess waste that cannot be reused or recycled, Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station is open as usual from 7:30am to 5pm weekdays and 8:30am to 4pm weekends. Please check their website or Facebook page for more information, or call (03) 62823200.

For more tips on reducing waste, please visit https://www.energy.gov.au/households/reducing-waste or contact council on 03 6217 9500.