Council has engaged a contractor to undertake Road re-seal works in Clarence. The area and road sections include the following:

Sandford- Dorans Rd

Roches Beach- Roches Beach Road

Bellerive– Maluka St, High St, Luttrell Ave, Lower River St

Howrah- Sirius St, Ninabah St, Howrah Rd, Carella St, Anstey St, Belar St, Elinga St, Gunyah St

Rokeby- Hart Pl, Grange Rd West, Grange Rd East, Arden Pl, Annabelle St, Chipmans Rd,

Warrane– Flagstaff Gully Rd, Bass St,

Montagu Bay– Leprena St, Kellatie Rd, Nimrin St, Loinah Rd

Rosny– Leura St, Seabird Lane

Lindisfarne– Rianna Rd, Raminea Rd, Friar St, Wellington Rd, Short St, Malunna St, Hume St, Flagstaff Gully Rd, Begonia St, St Helens St, Corrinna Rd, Cottesloe St,

Geilston Bay– Anitra Close, Nubeena St, Takone St

Rose Bay- Shore St, Lind Esplanade

Risdon- Risdon St, Gregson St, Cleburne St,

Risdon Vale– Palm Rd, Marlock St, Magnolia Rd, Linden Rd

Mornington– Currajong St, Ingola St, Goondi St

Lauderdale-South Terrace

Richmond-Morgan St, Parramore St

Acton Park-Acton Crt, Axiom Way, Seven Mile Beach Rd

Otago-Derwentlaken Rd

Dulcot-Boyes St.

The details (Start and End) of each street section and resident notice along with parking restriction will be distributed prior to work starting. The works will commence on Wednesday 6 February 2019 if weather permits and will be completed by the end of March 2019.

Temporary traffic detours/road closures may be used and minor delays may occur while the works are in progress.

Council requests the co‑operation of motorists and pedestrians in exercising caution and observing signs when in the area.

Council apologises for any inconvenience. For further details contact 6217 9500.