The speed limit on a section of Pass Road will be reduced this week to improve safety.

The decision to drop the speed limit to 70 km/h followed a petition signed by 287 people requesting urgent upgrades on Pass Road to mitigate flooding and enhance safety for all road users including people walking, cycling and driving.

The change from 80 km/h will affect a 1.5km stretch of road between Houston Drive, Cambridge, and Winterborne Road, Rokeby. The speed limit will remain 60 km/h on Pass Road both north and south of the changed section.

The Clarence City Council request to the Commissioner for Transport was approved via a Direction Letter on 18 January and the change will be effective on Pass Road as of Wednesday, 1 March 2023.

Clarence City Council Mayor Brendan Blomeley said Pass Road had seen a steady increase in traffic and developments over recent years and the safety of the community and road users was the priority in calling for this change.

“We’re pleased that this change will come into effect and believe the outcome will be a safer stretch of road for our community in the future,” he said.

“Following a review and consultation with the Department of State Growth it has been recommended that a speed limit of 70 km/h would be more appropriate than a 60 km/h speed limit and is consistent with the area as a rural hamlet.”

New speed limit signs will be installed at Houston Drive and Winterborne Road, as well as repeater signs midway between the two roads to remind drivers of the reduced speed limit.

Pass Road (between Winterborne Road and Connor Place) is due for reconstruction and during prolonged rainfall over winter and spring 2022, the condition of the road has deteriorated significantly. Required maintenance will continue to be undertaken to fill potholes and make the road safe ahead of the major reconstruction project.

Detailed design for the reconstruction project is currently underway and construction works are likely to commence during the 2023-24 financial year (subject to council’s budgeting process and contractor availability).