Recently the Department of State Growth, Tasmania Police, Sorell Council and Clarence City Council submitted a request to the Commissioner of Transport to reduce the speed limit on the entire length of Brinktop Road, to 80 km/h.

The request was approved via a Direction Letter from the Commissioner for Transport Gary Swain on 14 June and the change will be effective as of Monday, 20 June 2022.

New speed limit signs will be installed at either end of Brinktop Road, as well as at 2 kilometre intervals, to remind drivers of the reduced speed limit.

A ‘New Speed Limit Ahead’ warning sign will also been installed to alert motorists of the change.

Clarence City Council Acting Mayor Alderman Heather Chong said Brinktop Road has seen a steady increase in traffic over recent years and the safety of the Tasmanian community was the priority in calling for this change.

“We’re pleased that this change will come into effect on Monday and believe the outcome will be a safer stretch of road for all Tasmanians in the future,” she said.