The Valuer General provides statutory valuations for properties in Tasmania in accordance with the Valuation of Land Act 2001. Each municipal area has “fresh valuation” every 6 years on a rotational basis. This year the Valuer General has completed the 6 year cycle “fresh valuation” for Clarence City Council.

As a property owner in Clarence you will receive a valuation notice in the mail from the Valuer General in relation to your property as well as information regarding what you can do if you do not agree with the valuation.

It is important to note that if you do wish to object to your property valuation you must do so within 60 days of receiving  the notice from the Valuer General. Council has no control over property valuations as they are determined independently by the Valuer General.

If you wish to review the objection process, the following link will take you to the Office the Valuer General’s website:

How will this impact your annual rates?

Council is in the process of finalising the annual budget and determining the amount of revenue required to be raised from rates. The funds raised from rates are used throughout the year to provide services and facilities within the city.

Each property owner pays a proportion of the total rates raised, and the amount of that proportion is calculated according to the capital value of your property. The total amount of rates raised across the city is determined by the annual budget, and therefore does not increase or decrease according to the valuation process. The rates charged to individual properties however, may increase or decrease depending on whether the capital value has changed in relation to the other properties in the city.

Revaluation information has been received by council and is currently being analysed to understand the changes and impact across the community. More information will come to light as council officers progress through the detailed analysis.

We understand that you may have concerns and we are working diligently and thoroughly through the process.