BPAY is an online banking facility provided by most banks that allows you to pay your rates online.

On 1 July 2019, in conjunction with the transition to the new rates system, a new BPAY Biller code 129163 was created.

The transition to our new property and rating system resulted in a 13-digit payment reference number that identifies the property to be paid that differs from the previous 6-digit payment reference number.

To minimise the risk of our customers paying to their old payment reference number, we have created a new BPAY biller code that recognises the new 13-digit payment reference number.

If you have been paying using the old BPAY biller code since the 1 July, your payments have been allocated to your property. This has been possible due to additional council administration processes that were put in place to provide customers sufficient time to update their details.

The old BPAY biller code closed on 31 December 2019.

Please check your online banking information and update your BPAY details if you are using the old BPAY biller code 241927.

It is important that you DELETE the old biller code and then input the new biller code and the new 13-digit payment reference number.

You will find our new BPAY biller code 129163 and your new 13-digit payment reference number on your notice of rates or on your rates reminder notice.

From the 31st of December any payments that are scheduled to the old BPAY biller code 241927 will NOT be processed by your bank.

Please contact your bank if you are experiencing difficulties updating your internet banking details.