We received an outstanding response from the Cambridge community regarding the design of the new park and playground at 29 Blossom Crescent.

Especially from students at Cambridge Primary School who used drawing and modelling to present their incredible ideas for playground equipment and layouts.

Council Officers have used these ideas as the inspiration for the final park master plan which sets out the park and playground design.

A large, custom play structure will feature slides, climbing equipment, tunnels, play panels and elevated towers and platforms for all ages and will be the central feature of the playground.

Other play elements include a cantilevered basket swing, inground trampoline, swing set and various nature play elements.

To ensure the park meets all community expectations and desires, we have also committed additional funding to allow for the inclusion of other requested park features such as a bike and scooter loop track, outdoor exercise equipment and safety fencing along the road edge.

The final park master plan is designed to be fully accessible with furniture selection and the layout of the key features of the park taking into consideration users of all ages and abilities.

We look forward to delivering a new open space facility to service the growing Cambridge community.

Detail design documentation is currently underway with construction estimated to commence in early 2020.