Water recreation

Boating and fishing

With over 190 kilometres of coastline, Clarence is a paradise for boating and fishing, whether you wish to drop a line from a local wharf or venture out off-shore. For those who prefer inland waters, try the Coal River.


Public boat ramp locations


Geilston Bay:  De Bomford Lane, Geilston Bay

Kangaroo Bay:  Access through Rosny College, Rosny

Lauderdale Yacht Club:  Kirra Road, Roaches Beach

Montagu Bay:  Rosny Esplanade, Montagu Bay

Opposum Bay:  South Arm Road, Opposum Bay

Ralphs Bay:  Dorans Road, Sandford

Restdown Point:  Saundersons Road, Risdon

Rokeby Beach:  Droughty Point Road, Rokeby

Rosny: Off Bastick Street (adjacent to Rosny College)

Seven Mile Beach:  Seven Mile Beach Esplanade

South Arm:  Jetty Road, South Arm



Sailing is a major recreational activity with local marinas and sheltered moorings providing easy access to family boats, large and small. 



Clarence's 191km of coastline provides enormous opportunity for coastal kayaking. In addition, the Coal River offers sheltered inland waters for paddlers.

Safety Tips

Always tell someone about your plans, including where you intend to canoe or kayak and when you expect to be back. Others suggestions include:

  • Check weather and conditions before you paddle - including marine or mountain weather forecasts, relevant river flow levels (for inland waters) and wind warnings (for lakes and ocean).
  • Don't paddle in extreme conditions such as high winds, a large swell, extreme temperatures, fog or thunderstorms.
  • Avoid heat stress by paddling early in the morning or late in the afternoon (particularly in summer) and using sun protection measures.
  • Don't paddle at night unless you are experienced and only paddle where you have a clear vision of the route ahead.
  • Don't canoe or kayak unless you are a competent swimmer.
  • Don't canoe or kayak by yourself.
  • Don't overestimate your skill or physical fitness. Choose a route that's not too difficult for you to manage.
  • Wear a life jacket that is the correct size for you, even if you think you are a competent swimmer.
  • Never overload your canoe or kayak. Respect the load limits.
  • Keep all equipment in good repair.
  • Take lessons to improve your paddling and safety techniques.
  • If you fall into the water, stay with your craft. Keep a firm grip on your paddle.
  • Learn first aid to ensure you have the skills to deal with an emergency situation.

For tips on minimal impact sea kayaking see the Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife website.



Surfing at Rebounds at South Goats Bluff - Calverts Beach - photo by Sean DaveyClarence has some of the best surfing spots in Tasmania with varying degrees of safety and difficulty. Clifton Beach is the best known and is the only beach that has a surf life saving club. The patrols are active each weekend and on public holidays.

Some surf beaches in Clarence are for experienced surfers ONLY.


Surf beaches in Clarence
  • "Goats" Bluff (Calverts Beach)
  • "Rebounds" (Calverts Beach)
  • "Sandpits" (Hope) Beach
  • "Wedge" (Hope) Beach
  • Clifton Beach
  • Cremorne Point
  • Inside Mays Point
  • Lauderdale Point
  • Mays Point
  • Outside Mays Point
  • Seven Mile Point

More information about beaches in Clarence can be found on the Beaches page of this website.



Clarence has a great choice of places to swim. Whether it's at the Clarence Aquatic Centre, a private pool or one of our fabulous beaches, the choice is yours. For beach information, refer to our Beaches page.