Strategic Plan 2016-2026(16164 kb)

Clarence 2050 - A strategic framework for the future(835 kb)

10 Year Financial Management Plan(31 kb)

Customer Service Charter(682 kb)

Community Participation Policy Community%20Participation%20Policy (214 kb) 

Clarence Emergency Management Plan(1743 kb)

Clarence City Council Economic Development Plan 2016 - 2021(2772 kb)  

Climate Change Impacts on Clarence Coastal Areas

Annual Plan

Annual Plan 2018-2019(1016 kb)

Annual Plan 2017-2018(637 kb)

Annual Plan 2016-2017(327 kb)

Annual Plan 2015-2016(349 kb)

Annual Plan 2014-2015(362 kb)

Annual Plan 2013-2014(354 kb)


Annual Report

Annual Report 2016-17(7254 kb)

Annual Report 2015-16(13773 kb)

Annual Report 2014-2015(3553 kb)

Quarterly Report

Quarterly Report - June 2018(9679 kb)

Quarterly Report - March 2018(3396 kb)

Quarterly Report - December 2017(9199 kb)

Quarterly Report - September 2017(9081 kb) 


Rates News

The Council produces a rates newsletter every quarter that is is distributed to all ratepayers along with their rates notice.

Clarence City Council Rates News - Spring 2018(4407 kb)

Clarence City Council Rates News - Winter 2018(4776 kb)

Clarence City Council Rates News - Autumn 2018(5093 kb)

Clarence City Council Rates News - December 2017(932 kb)


Rates and charges

Rates and charges policy - 2016(37 kb) 

Waiving or Reducing Fees For Planning and Building Permits Policy(183 kb)


Animal Management

Dog Management Policy(644 kb)


Culture, Arts and Events

Centenary of ANZAC: Service at Home & Abroad(4196 kb)   

Clarence Events Plan 2014-2018(3636 kb)

Cultural Arts Plan 2012 - 2016(2717 kb)

Cultural Heritage Interpretation Plan(645 kb)

Cultural History Plan 2018 - 2023(206 kb)

Planning a better event toolkit(1078 kb)

Public Art Policy 2013(94 kb)

What Would You Take booklet(4414 kb)


Access Plan 2014-2018(1273 kb) 

Age Friendly Clarence Plan 2018-2022(2767 kb)

Community Health and Wellbeing Plan 2013-2018(687 kb)

Community Safety Plan 2016-2021(536 kb)

Get Going Guide 2016-17(1283 kb) 

Graffiti Management Strategy(201 kb)

How Does Your Garden Grow How%20Does%20Your%20Garden%20Grow (6353 kb)

Spatial Planning Report(2827 kb)

Tasmanian Food Access Research Coalition Research Report(8032 kb)

Youth Plan 2018 - 2022(1228 kb)



Sport and Active Recreation Strategy(208 kb)

Bellerive Beach Park All Abilities Playground Master Plan (6636 kb)

Clarence Bicycle Action Plan 2013-2017(2205 kb)

Clarence Bicycle Strategy 2013-2017(2760 kb)

Clarence Tracks and Trails Strategy 2012(3632 kb)

Noise Assessment Report of Proposed South Arm Skate Park(4640 kb)

Noise Assessment Report Summary of Proposed South Arm Oval Skate Park(289 kb) 

Pindos Park Master Plan September 2016(2035 kb)

Popular Trails - revised edition 2016(6294 kb)

Seven Mile Beach Sport and Active Recreation Precinct Master Plan(15119 kb)

Tangara Trail Network Management Plan 2012-2017(3585 kb)

Tracks And Trails Action Plan – 2015-2020(18 kb) 


Natural Resource Management

Clarence Bushland and Coastal Strategy(1208 kb)

Clarence Weed Strategy 2016-2030(7744 kb)

Management of Trees On Council Land(243 kb)

Acton Trails and Reserves Reserve Activtiy Plan 2018 - 2022(13039 kb)

Avoca Hill Bushland Reserve and North Warrane Bushland Reserve Activity Plan 2014-2018(6914 kb) 

Bedlam Walls Bushland Reserve Activity Plan 2017-2021(7827 kb)

Bellerive Howrah Coastal Reserve Activity Plan 2015 - 2019(18732 kb)

Blessington Coastal Reserve Activity Plan 2013-2018(5972 kb)

Canopus-Centauri Bushland Reserve Activity Plan 2017-2021(14963 kb)

Glebe Hill Bushland Reserve Activity Plan 2014 - 2018(7523 kb) 

Mortimer Bay Coastal Reserve Activity Plan 2012-2016(8805 kb)

Natone Hill Bushland and Geilston Bay Coastal Reserve Activity Plan 2015 - 2019(22636 kb)

Otago Lagoon and Coastal Reserves Activity Plan 2016 - 2020(14534 kb)

Pilchers Hill Bushland Reserve Activity Plan 2013-2018(7084 kb)

Potters Hill Bushland Reserve Activity Plan 2015 - 2019(6501 kb)

Richmond Bridge Setting - Arboricultural Survey Report(16669 kb) 

Richmond Bridge Vegetation Management Plan - 9 Nov 2015(15651 kb) 

Richmond Reserve Activity Plan 2017 - 2021(9022 kb)

Risdon Vale Creek and Grasstree Hill Rivulet Reserve Activity Plan 2013-2018(12147 kb)

Rokeby Hills Bushland Reserve Activity Plan 2016 - 2020(4432 kb)

Roscommon Master Plan 2014-2024(4035 kb) 

Roscommon Reserve Activity Plan 2012 - 2017(3816 kb)

Rosny-Montagu Bay Coastal Reserve Activity Plan 2011-2016(10350 kb)

Rosny Hill Nature Recreation Area Management Strategy(3128 kb) 

Seven Mile Beach Coastal Reserve Activity Plan 2011-2016(9775 kb)

Thoona Bushland Reserve Activity Plan 2013-2017
(6573 kb)

Tranmere Coastal Reserve Activity Plan 2018-2022(7783 kb)

Victoria Esplanade and Kangaroo Bluff - Landscape Plan 2013-2018(19201 kb) 

Waverley Flora Park Activity Plan 2013-2018(6161 kb)

Waverley Flora Park Quarry Road Entrance and Avenue of Honour Concept Plan(3081 kb)


Bushfire Management

2016-2021 Clarence Bushfire Management Strategy(2683 kb) 

2016-2021 Best Management Practices(2537 kb)

2016-2021 On-ground Works Program(182 kb)


Bushfire Management for the Meehan Range

Meehan Range Fire Management Strategy Meehan%20Range%20Fire%20Management%20Strategy (3670 kb) 

Meehan Range Fire Management Strategy Summary Meehan%20Range%20Fire%20Management%20Strategy%20Summary (1646 kb)

Meehan Range Fire Management Strategy Tables Meehan%20Range%20Fire%20Management%20Strategy%20Tables (242 kb)

Appendix A MP6 Table 1 Appendix%20A%20MP6%20Table%201 (84 kb)

Meehan Range FMS Appendices Meehan%20Range%20FMS%20Appendices (642 kb)

Meehan Range FMS Appendix G Meehan%20Range%20FMS%20Appendix%20G (180 kb)


Town Planning

Clarence Activity Centre Strategy(4164 kb) 

Clarence Interim Car Parking Plan 2015(19 kb) 

Cambridge Master Plan - Adopted December 2016(5061 kb)

Headworks Levy Policy(91 kb) 

Kangaroo Bay Urban Design Strategy and Concept Plan - Portrait Kangaroo%20Bay%20Urban%20Design%20Strategy%20and%20Concept%20Plan%20-%20Portrait (829 kb)

Kangaroo Bay Urban Design Strategy and Concept Plan - Landscape Kangaroo%20Bay%20Urban%20Design%20Strategy%20and%20Concept%20Plan%20-%20Landscape (1294 kb)

Lauderdale Stormwater Drainage Assessment Report(15157 kb)

Lauderdale Structure Plan Lauderdale%20Structure%20Plan (1999 kb)

Lauderdale Urban Expansion Feasibility Study
(18772 kb)

Public Open Space Policy 2013(146 kb)  

Richmond Townscape Study(1610 kb)


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