Kangaroo Bay Project Components

The Kangaroo Bay enhancement project comprises a number of components addressing recreational, cultural, sporting, commercial and infrastructure needs within the precinct.  

Kangaroo Bay commercial development

Kangaroo Bay Foreshore Promenade

Kangaroo Bay Parklands

Kangaroo Bay Youth Plaza Skate Park

Kangaroo Bay Sporting Facility

Kangaroo Bay infrastructure, roads, access and parking

Kangaroo Bay public art


Kangaroo Bay commercial development


Waterfront hotel and accommodation

Proposed site: former ferry terminal  

Design: elongated elliptical floor plan (boat shaped) – see image below (image as contained in the Development Application presented at a meeting of Council on 23 January 2017).

Length: 110m.

Height: 3 storeys at stern, 5 storeys at bow.

Features: 85 hotel rooms, 24 serviced apartments, restaurants and bars that seat maximum of 180, function centre that seats maximum of 120, retail space – 450m2

There will be five levels that include:

  • Level 1 – restaurant and bar, hotel check in, kitchen storage and luggage areas, toilets, speciality shops, function area, guest lounge, central garden courtyard
  • Level 2 – 33 rooms around a central atrium. Level walkway through to building 2 (hospitality training school), rooftop terrace over at-grade car parking
  • Level 3 – 35 rooms around a central atrium
  • Level 4 – 17 rooms and partial roof top garden around a central atrium, and
  • Level 5 – restaurant and partial roof top garden.


Kangaroo Bay Proposed Hotel Development Design


Training School 

Proposed site: 76 and 78 Cambridge Road, Bellerive. There is currently a house on 78 Cambridge Rd that will be demolished.

Design: Includes clear glazing to attrium void and tensile membrane roof on Cambridge Road side and shading screen with glass behind on the waterfront side. See opposite image (image as contained in the Development Application presented at a meeting of Council on 23 January 2017).

Length: 82m along Cambridge Road.

Height: From Kangaroo Bay side – 17.6m, Cambridge Road side – 13.87m (tapering down to 10.5m at the northern end of the building). The building will align with Cambridge Road. There will be 5 levels that include:

  • 4 internal levels – 2 for student activities and 2 for serviced apartments associated with the hotel – and a roof top garden
    • Level 1 – 1 commercial tenancy, a student café opening out onto a courtyard with seating, entry to the hotel run serviced apartments above, a lecture theatre for students, 2 classrooms, student facilities and library
    • Level 2 – throughway between Kangaroo Bay and Cambridge Road, classrooms and student facilities
    • Level 3 – 12 two bedroom, short stay apartments
    • Level 4 – 12 two bedroom, short stay apartments, and
    • Roof top garden - this is contained within the roof space itself, as viewed from Cambridge Road and therefore from Cambridge Road the building presents as 3 storeys with a roof form above.

Proposed Kangaroo Bay Training School Design


Associated buildings and infrastructure:

  • A ground level carpark providing 63 spaces with an elevated terrace garden structure over part of the parking, 10 short-term and drop off on-street parking spaces.
  • Hard landscaped public pedestrian and cycle right-of-way as well as vehicular access to the Bellerive Yacht Club between buildings 1 and 2.


Cycleway / multi-user paths

Detailed designs for the cycleway/multi-user paths that travel around and through the site and these will need to be approved by Council. This will include:

  • A public multi-user path with a clear width of 4m (unencumbered with street furniture) around the water side of the development with an appropriate surface and no sharp bends.
  • A clearly defined cycle path/multi-user path across the forecourt and through the access lane.
  • Additional cycle parking loops to be provided adjacent to the cycleway and in the vicinity of the forecourt and eating areas.


For more detailed information on the proposed accommodation and training school:

Kangaroo Bay Development Site Photo(79 kb)

Kangaroo Bay Development Location Plan(861 kb)

Kangaroo Bay Development Proposal Plan(12998 kb)



Kangaroo Bay Development Plan (DPO 11)- May 2011

In 2004, the Tasmanian Government and Council called for expressions of interest (EOI) in the development of land around the former ferry terminal. The EOI process was subsequently terminated as it did not produce a viable development proposal. Factors identified as contributing to the failure of the EOI process was the lack of an overall masterplan for the area and issues in regard to access to the precinct.

In response, Council commissioned an extensive process of community and stakeholder consultation leading to the formal adoption of the Kangaroo Bay Urban Design Strategy and Concept Plan (Masterplan) in 2008.

Planning Scheme amendments critical to implementing the Masterplan were approved by the Tasmanian Planning Commission in May 2011, following further public and stakeholder consultation (statutory and non-statutory). Kangaroo Bay Development Plan (DPO 11) established the zoning and planning provisions for the precinct, including an outline subdivision plan.

Individual development areas are identified within the Development Plan as described below and shown in the figure to the right (Figure 1: Kangaroo Bay development areas).

Area A        Marina (incorporating the Bellerive Yacht Club, slipway and carpark)

Area B        Wharf (incorporating the projecting old ferry terminal and surrounds)

Area C        Boulevard (incorporating the new Kangaroo Bay Drive and intended commercial area to the east)

Area D        Neighbourhood (incorporating the residential area between Kangaroo Bay Drive and Cambridge Road.

Included in the new zoning provisions was the “back-zoning” of a section of the waterfront north of the old ferry terminal (now part of the Parklands) from commercial to Recreation zone.

Kangaroo Bay Development Areas

The intent and provisions of DPO11 have been subsequently translated into Kangaroo Bay Particular Purpose Zone 4 within the new format Clarence Interim Planning Scheme 2015.

The local area planning has been expanded to include the Bellerive Village waterfront commercial area and boardwalk. See figure to the right (Diagram 1: Kangaroo Bay local areas).

In March 2015, Council and the Tasmanian Government invited the submission of development proposals to activate the Kangaroo Bay development precinct.

The Request for Proposals (RFP) was marketed locally and nationally through property agents Knight Frank Tasmania. Prior to the calling of the Request for Proposals, the Kangaroo Bay development and investment opportunities were also presented at the TasInvest Summit conducted by the Tasmanian Government in November 2014.

The land area offered for private freehold development comprised two parcels:  the “Boulevard” site (13,400m²) and the “Wharf” site (8,900m²).

Following review of the submissions received, overseen by a project probity auditor, the joint Council-Tasmanian Government assessment panel recommended that Hunter Developments be invited to participate in Stage 2 of the expression of interest process, to further develop a proposal for a hotel development at the Wharf site. 

Kangaroo Bay development parcels

In March 2016 the TasTAFE Board confirmed that they were working on a joint project with Hunter Developments and Shandong Chambroad Holdings Co. Ltd to incorporate a hospitality training school within the proposed hotel development.

In October 2016, following assessment of an updated submission by the joint assessment panel, preferred developer status for the Wharf site was awarded to Hunter Developments Pty Ltd. in relation to a proposal for premium standard waterfront accommodation hotel and TasTAFE linked hospitality training school.

Preferred developer status enabled the lodgement by Hunter Developments of a development application (D-2016/506).

The proposal was advertised in accordance with statutory requirements, however due to the timing of the development application in mid-December, Council provided an extended period of 26 days (closing 12 January 2017) for lodgement of comments and submissions, well in excess of the normal 14 day period.

A total of 35 representations were received.

Following assessment through the statutory land use planning and approval process, a Planning Permit was granted in January 2017 to Hunter Developments Pty Ltd for the proposed Hotel and Hospitality School development at the Wharf development site.

Full details of the application, the assessment, and the conditional Planning Permit granted by Council can be viewed in the Council Meeting 23 January 2017 Agenda and Minutes.

No proposals have to date been accepted for the “Boulevard” development site. 

Eastern Shore Sun Kangaroo Bay article image


Kangaroo Bay Foreshore Promenade

An important component of the Kangaroo Bay project is the establishment of a water-edge public promenade/boardwalk around the entirety of the Kangaroo Bay foreshore.

The first major element established was the construction of the boardwalk and public event space at Bellerive Village in 1988 (a bi-centennial project).The public space was subsequently enhanced by the construction of the performance stage which is used for festivals such as the Clarence Jazz Festival and civic events such as Australia Day celebrations.  

Extending the boardwalk further to pass the Bellerive Yacht Club and boat slipway proved problematic. This was eventually achieved in 2010 with the construction of an innovative retractable bridge across the slipway. 

Aerial pre boardwalk & bridge extension

Completed boardwalk extension in 2010.

Bellerive boardwalk completed

Another component of the promenade works is the foreshore arc path adjacent to the sports field and parklands at the head of the bay. As at early 2017 approximately 50 percent of the full path has been constructed.

Kangaroo Bay foreshore arc path

A second stage will comprise a further extension of the arc path to connect to Rosny College. A precursor to construction of this section has been the removal by TasWater of an above ground sewer main at the water’s edge.

Removal of ground sewer

Construction of the second stage of the promenade arc path across to Rosny College is scheduled to commence in July and be completed by December 2017. A Planning Permit for the project was issued on 26 October 2016. The objectives of the works are to:

  • improve and encourage public access from the western side of the bay and alleviate an access bottleneck to the sport and recreation facilities;
  • create a landscaped leisure space between the college and the waterfront for the benefit of the students and the public; and
  • to complete another section of the Clarence foreshore multi-user pathway.

See the concept plan below for the extension of the Kangaroo Bay Foreshore Promenade from the end of the existing path at the Parklands along to Rosny College and the boat ramp. Or click on the following link Kangaroo Bay Foreshore Promenade extension plan(3129 kb)

kangaroo Bay Foreshore Promenade extension plan


The final component of the Kangaroo Bay promenade is the section around the waterfront edge of the old ferry terminal spit, linking across to the existing boardwalk at Bellerive Yacht Club. 

Kangaroo Bay promenade around old ferry terminal

Construction of this section of the promenade is integrated with the construction of the proposed Hotel development at the old ferry terminal site, which will establish for the first time a public right of way around the coastal edge of the site which to date has been closed to public access.


Kangaroo Bay Parklands

Kangaroo Bay Parklands

The Kangaroo Bay Parklands is a very important component of the overall project.

The Parklands play space design approach was to:

  • offer a unique play experience- both for Clarence and neighbouring municipalities in order to attract people from other places;
  • provide play for all age groups and abilities including the elderly;
  • provide play that promotes thought process;
  • a linear play experience designed to activate the whole site.

A central component of the parklands is the public BBQ/picnic pavilion and toilets (which includes disabled access facilities), which we hope can be a focus for families.

Public art and interpretation will also be a feature of the parklands.


Kangaroo Bay Youth Plaza Skate Park

Planning for Kangaroo Bay recognised that more youth related facilities and activities should be provided.

The idea for a Skate Park was initially raised in a petition from young people to improve the facilities for skaters in a central location in the City. Consultation was conducted with sporting clubs based at Kangaroo Bay, the Council’s youth group; the Department of Education; and Rosny College who helped shape the project.

The design of the skate park includes an international standard competition street course and bowl. This skate park rivals other high quality skate parks in Australia. It is hoped that the facility can host state and national skate events in the future.

The concept of the youth plaza is much broader than the actual skating activity, facilitating youth participation and positive community engagement.

Kangaroo Bay Skate Park 1

Kangaroo Bay Skate Park


Kangaroo Bay Sporting Facility

Kangaroo Bay sports activity is focused on the reshaped and upgraded sports ground which is used for both summer and winter sports programmes, in particular cricket and soccer.

A new sports facilities building on the western side of the ground has been constructed and was completed in March 2017.

The building comprises changerooms, toilets, kiosk and maintenance/storage areas on the ground floor; and clubrooms on the upper level of the building which have been leased to the Clarence Cricket Club.


Kangaroo Bay infrastructure, roads, access and parking

The Kangaroo Bay Urban Design Strategy and Concept Plan (masterplan) adopted by Council in 2008 provided the structural framework upon which to move forward in a planned manner to improve access to the precinct and meet the community expectation for progress.

A Rosny Park/Kangaroo Bay Traffic Management Plan was prepared which proposed:

  • full signalisation (all movements) of the intersection of Bligh Street/Rosny Hill Road;
  • signalisation of  Alma Street/ Cambridge Road intersection and an extension of Alma Street to join with Kangaroo Bay Drive; and
  • closure of the Pembroke Place/Cambridge Road intersection and an extension of Pembroke Place to join with Kangaroo Bay Drive.

Kangaroo Bay Civil works

These actions were verified by detailed traffic intersection modelling undertaken in December 2012 and endorsed by Council in January 2013.

A precinct subdivision of Council land, Crown land, and some private land was then required to implement these plans.

Subdivision SD 2013/32 - created areas of public domain, new access and road lots, and also some development parcels in accordance with the masterplan – was approved by Council in October 2013 following statutory public consultation.

Progress with the subdivision civil works was given a significant stimulus with the awarding in August 2014 of a $5 Million Australian Government grant under the Tasmanian Jobs & Growth Plan.

Kangaroo Bay roads and access

Kangaroo Bay road and access 2

Kangaroo Bay road and access 3

Kangaroo Bay road and access 4

The subdivision civil works involving roads, footpaths, street lighting, junction signalisation, landscaping and underground utility services (water, sewerage, electricity, stormwater and telecommunications/NBN) was completed in December 2015.

Car parking strategy 

Council has adopted a staged strategy of providing car parking infrastructure within the Kangaroo Bay precinct, in response to increasing car parking demand.

The first stage is to utilise the gravel area of Lot 3 at Kangaroo Drive as a temporary car parking facility, pending development of that site. This will assist in meeting the current demand from Kangaroo Bay Parklands and the sports ground until other car parking infrastructure is provided.

Kangaroo Bay parking

The second stage of the strategy is the development of Lot 4 off Kangaroo Bay Drive/Pembroke Place as a car park, providing approximately 100 car spaces. Following design and costing, a development application for the proposed new car park is to be lodged in early 2017/18.

Council is also undertaking investigations into the establishment of multi-level parking facilities at the adjacent commercial areas of Rosny Park and Bellerive.

More widely Council’s parking policy recognises the provision of public car parking facilities within activity centres as a component of broader transport and access strategies, involving public transport and alternative transport modes.


Kangaroo Bay public art


The Kangaroo Bay Parklands, and the precinct generally, will include both permanent and temporary public artworks as an important element to enhance the public environment.

A major new work of public art was commissioned to complement the development of the Kangaroo Bay Parklands.

Kangooroo by artist Matt Calvert was installed when the parkland landscaping works were completed in April 2017.

The sculpture is an interpretation of a drawing of an Eastern Grey kangaroo titled Gum-­‐plant and Kangooroo of New Holland (see image below) that was made by colonial artist George Raper in around 1789.

Like many of his contemporaries, the artist was clearly fascinated by his strange and exotic subject, and gave it some new and unique features such as its peculiarly skinny forearms and rat like face.

Eastern Grey Kangaroos lived in substantial numbers on the eastern shore in the early years of European settlement and for many years before that, when the area was home to the Mumirimina people of the Oyster Bay tribe.

They were an important and plentiful food source for both the local Aborigines and the new settlers. 

The artist and work was selected by Council’s Public Art Panel as a playful interpretation of an important historical image with strong ties to sense of place and connection to the colonial and aboriginal history of the site. 

Kangooroo sculpture at opening