Kangaroo Bay Enhancement Project

Kangaroo Bay is a significant location within the heart of the urban area of the City of Clarence. It has long been regarded by the Council and the community as an undeveloped opportunity to provide a significant visitor and leisure destination and community focus for the City.

Historically the focal point of the community on the eastern shore of the Derwent was a small commercial area at Bellerive. Rapid population growth in the 1960s and 70s and the establishment of the Tasman Bridge resulted in a move of commercial and administrative functions to a new area at Rosny Park, across the other side of Kangaroo Bay.

The void that was created between the historic and new commercial centres was identified as a town planning issue for the City. A large part of the Kangaroo Bay foreshore area was degraded, had restricted access, and provided poor urban environment and public amenity.

The opportunity was identified to establish Kangaroo Bay as a community focal point and enhance connections with the adjoining Rosny Park commercial centre, Rosny College, Bellerive Village and adjacent residential communities.

To this end Council is implementing a Kangaroo Bay urban design plan.

The project seeks to activate the potential of Kangaroo Bay to be a world-class waterfront destination, and an inclusive place for both residents and visitors that provides economic, social and community benefits.