Use of Council property and facilities?

There are many halls and community centres available for hire. These include:

  • Cambridge Hall
  • Clarence Senior & Citizens Centre & Alma’s Lounge
  • Geilston Bay Community Centre
  • Howrah Recreation Centre
  • Lauderdale Hall
  • Lindisfarne Community Activities Centre
  • Richmond Hall
  • Risdon Vale Hall
  • Rokeby Trust Hall
  • Sandford Hall
  • South Arm Calverton Hall, and
  • Tranmere Hall

To find out more about hiring these facilities, please phone Council on 6217 9500.

All organised training and sporting groups are required to get permission from Council to operate on Council property listed above and on other Council-owned property.

If you are using Council land for these purposes, please contact Council’s Facilities Officer on 6217 9695.