Dog management policy adopted for the city

Clarence City Council has adopted a new dog management policy for the city that balances statutory obligations and the needs of dog and non-dog owners.

The new policy and schedule of declared areas were adopted after consultation with the public and
forums with relevant organisations. 

The policy outlines a code of responsible dog ownership, fee structure and declared areas.

There have been several changes made to declared areas in the City. 

Simmons Park in Lindisfarne, Wentworth Park in Howrah, Clarence Coastal Trail from Roches Beach to Seven Mile Beach, and the strip of land between Beach Street and Alexandra Esplanade adjacent to Bellerive Beach have been declared on-lead areas due to increased usage and family orientated activities and facilities in these areas. Rosny Hill Nature Recreation Area and Second Bluff have also been declared on-lead to protect native wildlife.

The perimeter of the Bellerive Boardwalk has been declared as on-lead to allow people to continue to use the multi-user pathway when walking from Kangaroo Bay through to Bellerive. 

Dogs will no longer be permitted on the western end of Bellerive Beach (from Beach Street access west to Kangaroo Bluff). In addition, dogs will no longer be permitted in the Bellerive Beach Play Park (Rotary Park), however to allow access from Queen Street through to Beach Street, dogs will be permitted on-lead on the multi-user pathway through the park. 

Minor changes to the policy include a simplified process for kennel licences, incentives for trained dogs and free registration for the year in which a dog is adopted from the Greyhound Adoption Program.

Mayor of Clarence, Alderman Doug Chipman, said striking a practical and responsible balance between  statutory obligations and the needs of both dog and non-dog owners was important in reviewing the policy.

“Under the Dog Control Act, the Council is required to develop and implement a policy relating to dog management that must be reviewed every five years,” Mayor Chipman said.

“However, we also must consider the increased usage of some areas, particularly Bellerive Beach and Simmons Park. These areas are very popular with families and we need to make sure that their safety is paramount while also allowing people to walk their dogs and enjoy the area as well.  

“Feedback from the community has been an important part of this process. The response from the public has helped refine the policy and in general, the public has been supportive of the changes. I would like to thank everyone who has provided comment.” 

The new schedule of declared areas will take effect from 1 December 2015. 

The new dog management policy and schedule of declared areas are available on the Council’s website here.