Bayfield Street precinct to be revitalised

The Council has adopted a concept plan to revitalise the streetscape of Bayfield Street at Rosny Park.

The concept plan identifies a number of ways to improve the appeal, public amenity and safety of the precinct. Some of the areas identified include more trees, landscaping, water-sensitive urban design initiatives, public art and street furniture.

Consideration has also been given to pedestrian footpaths, vehicle movement and parking provisions to ensure accessibility, safety and movement to enhance social and business activity in the area.

“Council recognises that Bayfield Street is in need of revamp to increase its appeal and attract people and businesses to the area,” Clarence Acting Mayor Jock Campbell said.

“Consultation with landowners, businesses, community groups and the public has provided some very constructive ideas in relation to traffic management, pedestrian infrastructure and improving the appearance of the streetscape.”

Ideas from the consultation stage will be included in the drawing up of a detailed working design for engineering and landscape architectural works.

The Council intends to commence works later this financial year. Timing and methods of works will be planned to minimise disruption.