Lauderdale Beach 2011 Storm

Lauderdale BeachIn July 2011 a severe storm caused significant damage to the Lauderdale coastal reserve dune system and a number of properties were inundated.

Residents of Lauderdale, particularly those who have lived in the area for decades, are familiar with these natural threats to the coastal reserve. 

Council is committed to working with the community to protect the reserve.

This web page contains information on current works being undertaken, changes to State legislation that may impact on the Lauderdale coastal reserve protection works and ways you can participate in protecting the coastal reserve.

Please contact us with your ideas and questions.  Many Australian coastal areas are experiencing challenges such as coastal erosion and the impacts of climate change.  By working as a community we can lead the way in balancing a great lifestyle with the challenges raised by powerful natural events. 

The Dune System - Who Controls What?

Download a map highlighting the area's land ownership:  Lauderdale Beach land ownership map Lauderdale%20Beach%20land%20ownership%20map (2047 kb)

Lauderdale Beach land ownership map

Council land (Green)

The coastal reserve is the land that includes the dune system.  It is the width of land from the private property boundaries to the high water mark.

Council is responsible for the coastal reserve from the southern end of Roches Beach to Hadlow Road.

Crown land (Blue)

From Hadlow Road to Bambra Street is the responsibility of the State Government.

Private land (Red)

North of Bambra Street to the Lauderdale Yacht Club is private title to the high water mark.

Crown land leased by Council (Yellow)

Land around Lauderdale Canal


Need More Information?

These links lead to a number of sites and contacts for further information.


What is the Australian Government and the State Government doing to mitigate climate change and protect coastal areas? 

Australian Government:

State Government:

Who can I contact to discuss the management of Crown Land?

Crown Land Office State Government - Department of Primary industries, Parks, Water and Environment:


Climate Change Impacts on Clarence Coastal Areas Report

Please refer to pages 128 to 131 of the Report for details on Council's planned actions.

This webpage also contains a recent report on the July storm damage by the UNSW Water Research Laboratory:  Winter 2011 Storm Events - WRL Report Winter%202011%20Storm%20Events%20-%20WRL%20Report (2416 kb)

Lauderdale Structure Plan

Southern Coastcare Association of Tasmania:

Council appreciates your questions and ideas.  We are keen to work together as a community to protect the Lauderdale coastal reserve.

Provide feedback online or  write to us:  Clarence City Council, Lauderdale Coastal Reserve, PO Box 96, ROSNY PARK TAS 7018