Food Security

Food Security in Clarence

Food security refers to the ability of individuals, households and communities to acquire food that is healthy, sustainable, affordable, appropriate and accessible. Council is currently involved in two initiatives to promote food security and access to healthy foods.

Fruit and vegetable swapping and dropping

One of the initiatives is the promotion of fruit and vegetable "swapping and dropping". If you grow fresh produce and find yourself with an excess, you might like to consider swapping or dropping it at one of the participating Neighbourhood Centres across Clarence where it can find a grateful home. Alternatively, the St Marks Church market in Bellerive and Little Shop in Lindisfarne also accept fresh produce. Fruit and vegetable swap and drop(249 kb).

This initiative is part of the Living Well in Clarence partnership, of which Council is a member, which focuses activity on promoting access to healthy foods.

Healthy Food Access Tasmania

Spatial planning, that is placing attributes found in the community on maps, can be a useful tool to help inform local government decision making that relate to the physical, mental, social and environmental wellbeing of local residents.

In partnership, Clarence City Council and the Heart Foundation engaged in a project to better understand how the built environment in neighbourhoods and towns impacts on how residents access healthy food across the municipality. This project, which is unique to Tasmania, spatially mapped a variety of community attributes and consulted with the community to gauge how these attributes impact on their access to healthy food.

This report summarises the process undertaken through the project, shares the tools and expert knowledge and collates the feedback. All of this has informed a set of recommendations for Clarence City Council.

The report can be found here - Spatial Planning Report(2827 kb)


The Tasmanian Food Access Research Coalition

Council assisted with the research project conducted by the Tasmanian Food Access Research Coalition in 2011-12. Formed through a grant from the Tasmanian Food Security Council, it involved researchers from Anglicare, the University of Tasmania's Department of Rural Health and School of Life Sciences, the Department of Health and Human Services, Dorset Council and Clarence City Council.

The research coalition developed and tested tools to measure the experience of food security in different Tasmanian settings. The success of these tools provides the beginning of a state-wide food security monitoring and evaluation system.

Download the Tasmanian Food Access Research Coalition Research Report(8032 kb)

If you require further information on these initiatives contact one of Council's Community Development Officers on 6217 9599 or 6217 9597.

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