When will climate change start to affect our coastal communities?

In the report, the coastal hazards caused by climate change have been assessed for the present, 2050 and 2100.

While risks are projected for five sea level scenarios (present day, mid and high range for 2050 and 2100), there is an increasing probability of damaging events occurring each year between these dates, as well as an increased level of damage expected from such events. More property is also affected each year.

At present, Council and the community face ongoing issues concerning erosion of beaches, flood risks and rising salinity of the groundwater.

Minor flood events in the low lying south of the City are not new, occurring to some degree every ten years. To date these events have caused little property damage, no injuries but a degree of inconvenience.

However, even today without sea level rise, an extreme storm that equates to a one in one hundred year event, would put many coastal properties at risk.

According to the report, flood events will become more frequent if the sea level rises as expected. In recent decades sea level has risen approximately 3mm per year.

The majority of significant risks to property will have their most crucial impacts at some time in the future, typically in the medium term (25 to 75 years or more from now).