Council administration

General Manager’s Office

The General Manager is responsible for the overall management and delivery of Council’s services.

Asset Management Group

Deals with the management and design of services within the City, including roads, tracks and trails, recreation facilities including parks and sports fields, garbage collection and recycling, stormwater, drainage and natural areas.

Corporate Support Group

Deals with Council governance matters such as by-laws, policy making, legal matters, property leases and transactions and risk management.

Customer Contact Group

Provides assistance with customer requests received via the Council Chambers reception area and thorough the phone switchboard.

Financial Management Group

Deals with rates, finance and accounting services.

Health and Community Development Group

Deals with youth & children’s services, building & plumbing, environmental health, car parking, animal management, community services, arts & events and history.

City Planning Group

Deals with City planning including administration of the City Planning Scheme, processing subdivisions and development applications and heritage issues.

Communication and Marketing Group

Deals with civic affairs, City marketing and promotion, economic development, tourism and media.

Physical Services Group (Depot)

Provides service delivery for roads, drainage, parks and facilities.