My Wellbeing Kit is a set of 13 beautifully illustrated cards that focus on the simple ways we can build resilience and improve our health and wellbeing when faced with challenging times.

The themes explored in each of the cards include sleeping well, being active, working towards a goal, feeling safe, eating well, having a laugh, spending time with the people you care about and enjoying the outdoors.

The kit also includes professional contacts a person can call upon if more help is needed. People can write (or draw) on the back of the cards the tools they have used to stay on track. This can be a helpful reminder when faced with life challenges in the future.

Ruth Parson from Grow, a community based mental health support service, believed the My Wellbeing Kit would help people who are experiencing challenging circumstances to reflect on what can help them overcome the problem and in turn build their resilience.

“The most important step in beginning to address the journey to recovery from mental illness is self-awareness. This kit will assist anyone affected by issues that can impact on their mental wellbeing to make that connection, which can then make the next steps easier,” Ms Parsons said.

“We all go through positive and negative change in our lifetime. It is how we deal with these impacts and what decisions and strategies we put in place to help overcome any problems to maintain our health and wellbeing that is important.”

“We want the kit to be more than purely providing information. Our aim is to connect with people’s emotions through whimsical and creative illustrations that identify small but important ways people can restore balance to their lives and help get them back on track.”

My Wellbeing Kit has been developed in partnership with mental health consumers and a range of community and government partners.

“This is a great community partnership between Council, state and community mental health experts, and with people who experience mental health issues,” said Alderman Heather Chong, Chair of the Council’s Health and Wellbeing Committee.

“Council’s health and wellbeing plan recognises that mental health is a core part of our wellbeing. Through working with others, we have developed a useful tool for all of us including those experiencing mental health problems, their helpers and service providers.”