Rates and charges for the following classifications in respect of the 2020-2021 inancial year were made at a meeting of council held on 29 June 2020.

General Rate:

Fixed Charge Component

Plus – General Rate




Varied General Rate (Primary production, residential, sporting, non-used land)  


Fire Rate (State Government Charge)
Urban Rate 0.05498c
District Rate 0.01508c
Rural Rate 0.01545c
Minimum $41.00
Waste Management
Domestic 80 Litre Bin Charge $209.20
Domestic 120 Litre Bin Charge $246.20
Commercial 240 Litre Bin Charge $417.00
Greenwaste Bin Variation $53.20
240 Litre Recycling Bin Variation $33.50
Clarence Stormwater Rate 0.0391c
Varied Stormwater Rate (Primary production, residential, aged care, sporting, non-used land)  


Minimum $88.40

Rates and charges are payable in four instalments. Daily interest applies on amounts unpaid after the due dates. Rates are expressed in cents in the dollar applied to the capital value of applicable properties. Charges relate to the service provided.

Partial rate remissions are available for certain pensioners, health care card holders, holders of large rural properties, and above certain maximum rate increase thresholds.

A copy of the rating resolutions is available for inspection at the council offices, 38 Bligh Street, Rosny Park.

Ian Nelson