Draft Seven Mile Beach Coastal Reserve Activity Plan 2019-2029 Consultation

The plan seeks to build a shared responsibility among the community and landowners to support the management of priority cultural, social and natural values.

Draft Seven Mile Beach Reserve Activity Plan 2019-2029

Seven Mile Beach Coastal Reserve Map

Seven Mile Beach Coastal Reserve Report Card

You can provide comment on the draft plan by either completing the online feedback form or by contacting our consultant, Corinna Woolford on 04279 02970 or Tasflora@bigpond.com.au or our project manager Phil Watson on pwatson@ccc.tas.gov.au

A copy of the plan and hard copy feedback form can also be found on the Council Offices foyer.

This consultation process will conclude on Monday 15 January 2019, with the results of the community consultation being used to guide the development of the final plan prior to seeking Council endorsement.