The Economic Development Plan 2016-2021 identifies strategies and actions across all sectors to address and improve economic and social outcomes in our growing city.

Mayor of Clarence, Alderman Doug Chipman, believed Clarence was well-positioned to achieve significant economic growth and the economic development plan would provide direction in achieving this.

“Clarence has a number of competitive advantages in our region which we can build upon to sustainably grow our economy,” Mayor Chipman said.

“Examples include there being land available for residential, commercial and light industrial growth, a capacity to increase food production and value add given our close proximity to transport and population centres, established infrastructure such as the airport, as well as emerging cultural and recreation programs.

“Local government has an important role to play. We can facilitate networks, relationships, promotion and investment opportunities so that our city is an attractive, prosperous and vibrant community to live and do business.”

The Economic Development Plan will be implemented through the Council’s Annual Plan and Capital Works programme.

A copy of the plan is available here