Membership is open to residents in Clarence with an interest in working with us and other organisations to provide advice on the implementation of identified actions in the plan. We are seeking up to eight community representatives from a diverse range of areas in Clarence.

The Cultural History Advisory Committee was established in 2009 to assist with the implementation, monitoring and review of the strategies and actions within the Cultural History Plan. The role of the committee is to provide advice and makes recommendations to Council on the plan for 2018-2023.

The plan provides strategic direction for Council in the area of cultural history and associated activities and events, through an emphasis on the stories that are important to the history and development of Clarence.

Through the Cultural History Advisory Committee, Council strives to invoke a sense of identity and place in the community by encouraging the participation of the community in the cultural history of Clarence in meaningful and relevant ways.

Recognition, preservation and promotion of the cultural history of a community encourages a sense of pride and participation in that community’s cultural life.

The conservation of cultural history includes not only the preservation of the old but also the need to acknowledge the evolution of the new. It is this balance between old and new that is the hallmark of a rich and productive culture.

Applicants must complete a nomination form. For those wishing to be considered, a copy of the current Cultural History Plan is available from or email for a copy of the plan and form. Applications close 6 April.