• Ongoing footpath replacement program.
  • Preparation of various roads for resealing.
  • Reconstruction of cul-de-sac on Carella Street, Tranmere.
  • Resurfacing and safety improvements on Clarence Street, Bellerive.
  • Road upgrade on Derwent Avenue, Lindisfarne.
  • Footpath construction from Tasman Highway/Rose Bay pedestrian overpass to Montagu Bay Road, Montagu Bay.


  • Stormwater works in Bangalee Street, Lauderdale and Oakbank Road, Otago Bay.

Parks and Reserves

  • Installation of a public toilet, picnic shelter and table at the Clarence Mountain Bike Park.
  • Raising existing cricket pitch at Richmond Oval.
  • Clarence Foreshore Trail upgrade works between Beach Street and High Street, Bellerive.

Natural Area Management

  • Maintenance and management of natural areas as per the various natural area management plans, as conditions allow.
  • Maintenance of walking tracks in natural areas.
  • Brush cutting program of fire breaks in natural areas and reserves.
  • Fire trail inspection in preparation for upcoming fire season.

Council Facilities

  • Installation of services to the temporary recreation facilities at Clarendon Vale Oval.