Mayor Doug Chipman said: “Our Acting General Manager has today written to the Project Developers to state there is a six-month period in which they can commence construction, but If, at the end of that period, there has not been substantial commencement, council will consider a buy-back of the land.

“While the Developers have discussed some of the reasons for the delay, it is still unclear when construction may begin.

“The Council will explore all options to maximize the benefits for the community and the development of the Kangaroo Bay precinct.

“The Council will continue to work constructively with the developers to progress this important development.

“However, it is also important to us that this vital part of our city not remain in limbo indefinitely.”

At a recent Council meeting it was decided that Mayor Doug Chipman would accept an invitation from the Coordinator General to visit the Project Developers in China, on behalf of ratepayers, to find out exactly where the project is at.

Mayor Chipman will hold direct discussions with the Developer’s Senior Representatives to get a clear understanding of the reasons for the delay and their future intentions for the proposed Hotel and Hospitality School.

Mayor Chipman said: “As an outcome of my visit to China, I hope to have a clear understanding of where the development is at and I will share that with the community on my return.

“This is a significant development for our city and our ratepayers deserve a clear understanding of what is going on.”