Instead, the council has decided to provide in-principle support to alter the boundary between Howrah and Rokeby, in an area that is to be subdivided and developed. This means that no existing residents will have their suburb name changed.

Clarence City Council Mayor, Doug Chipman said “the council has decided to rescind its earlier decision and adopt a new proposal for a boundary adjustment following community feedback and discussion with Lands Tasmania staff regarding the ‘Howrah Gardens’ suburb proposal.”

“Council has responded to community concerns regarding the first proposal put forward.  This new decision seeks to strike a balance and recognise that realignment of the Howrah / Rokeby boundary in this area of development will provide a better delineation based on the planned street design for the area. Importantly, the adopted option negates impacts on current residents in the area.” he said.

Council officers will undertake the consultation in accordance with the Nomenclature Board rules before a final decision is made by council in the near future.

Proposed boundary adjustment area: