Acting Mayor, Alderman Jock Campbell, said the vote reflected the Council’s confidence in TasWater and its plans for the future of water and sewerage infrastructure in Tasmania.

“Council is satisfied that TasWater is well advanced with implementing a measured and well researched approach to resolving infrastructure needs around the State.  There has been no compelling information provided as to how a change of ownership will lead to an improved set of outcomes,” Alderman Campbell said.

“The Government’s position incorporates artificial price capping which may be attractive to some, but which ignores both financial realities and the rigorous processes followed by the Government’s appointed independent regulator.

“Infrastructure improvements require investment. Council is concerned that the Government’s proposal to minimise price increases will simply lead to more Government debt.  Ultimately, this represents a cost to the community, with future customers saddled with unnecessary interest payments.”

Councils from across the State are expected to meet later this week to consider an industry position on the Government proposal.