Clarence City Council, in support of the motion, was keen to ensure that the money would be available as soon as possible to those in need of immediate assistance.

Clarence City Council Mayor, Doug Chipman called for collaboration across all three levels of government to build on existing bushfire management strategies.

“We recognise that effective fire management requires a multi-faceted approach and coordinated policies and actions on bushfire reparation, adaptation, and mitigation.”

Mayor Chipman added that Clarence City Council stands ready to assist Tasmanian fire-affected councils with in-kind assistance and resources.

“Just as Clarence has received support when we have experienced bushfire emergencies, it is vital that we give aid to those communities who need it now.”

Clarence City Council Alderman, Sharyn von Bertouch moved the motion.

“This donation, made on behalf of the citizens of Clarence, is made with the appreciation that extreme bushfire events are increasing in regularity and that we, as Australians and as part of a national community, have a duty to stand together in times of crisis,” she said.

The donation will go to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.