Clarence City Council held a workshop last night and Alderman received a project briefing by proponents on the status of a hotel and hospitality development at Kangaroo Bay.

At the conclusion of the briefing Chambroad made a request to council to consider an extension to achieve substantial commencement of the development.

The project is dependent on two of Tasmania’s hardest-hit industry sectors, tourism and hospitality, and tertiary education.

The proponents are seeking an extension to the project to enable all parties to better understand future demand for a hospitality school and how relevant industries are recovering from impacts of COVID-19.

“There is no secrecy here, just good governance,” Clarence City Council Mayor Alderman Doug Chipman said.

“This project is strategically important for the development of tourism, accommodation and night economies in the City of Clarence.”

“Clarence currently lacks high quality, 5 star accommodation built around iconic buildings. This project, and others, have the capacity to be a game changer for Clarence”.

Included in last night’s discussions was the option of council managing the site for community purposes until the development is able to take shape.

Chambroad also revealed that they are ready to commence the development once an education provider is finalised.  Chambroad has proposed a series of regular, six monthly updates to keep the council and Clarence community updated on progress.

As the deadline for the Kangaroo Bay development is approaching, it is anticipated the future of the site will be considered at the council meeting on 12 October 2020.

A full report, including recommendations to council, will be included in the meeting agenda and available publicly here on Thursday, 8 October.