Tonight, the Clarence City Council voted to support the extension of the sale and development agreement for the Kangaroo Bay hotel and hospitality school, opening the door for a UTAS campus on the Eastern Shore for the first time.

Council voted to grant an 11 month extension to the agreement to allow Chambroad and UTAS to consolidate their business relationship, finalise details and commence the waterfront project.

Clarence City Council Mayor, Doug Chipman is excited to be welcoming the university to the Eastern Shore for this project.

Mayor Doug Chipman said “We have been continuing to have constructive discussions with the Chambroad and University of Tasmania (UTAS) who are both passionate about and committed to the development.”

“For the first time the Eastern Shore, a significant population centre in Tasmania, will have a UTAS campus,” he said.

“This high end international hotel and hospitality school will not just bring untold benefits to the Kangaroo Bay precinct and Clarence, but to the whole of Tasmania,” he added.

It is expected that Chambroad will achieve substantial commencement to the project within the next 11 months.