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See below information on how Council and the Community can work together to manage the threat of bushfire.


Establishing and maintaining a defendable space

If you live within a bushfire-prone area there will always be a risk that you may be injured or killed during a bushfire and/or your property destroyed.

When a bushfire threatens your home your safest option is to leave early.  However to reduce the risk of your home being damaged or destroyed in a bushfire you need to maintain adefendable space between your home and any nearby unmanaged vegetation.  If you choose to stay and defend your home during a bushfire an established and well maintained defendable space is essential.

Defendable spaces will help reduce the risk of your home being damaged or ignited by direct flame contact or the intense heat radiated from the fire front.  It will also reduce the risk from wind-blown burning embers that are generated by bushfires.

The term "bushfire protection" is commonly used but is a bit misleading because it is not possible to ensure that a house in a bushfire-prone area will not be damaged in a bushfire, particularly on days with very high fire weather.  Bushfire protection really means reducing the risk to your house to a level where it has a reasonable chance of surviving most bushfires.

Download further information about defendable spaces and bushfire risks: TFS Bushfire Survival Plan 2015-2016(5214 kb)

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