Cambridge – Main Service at 9.30am, Cambridge War Memorial (between Cambridge Primary School and Cambridge Memorial Oval).

Clarence/Rosny – Dawn Service at 6.00am, War Memorial (behind Rosny College) – followed by breakfast at Rosny Park Bowls Club.

Lindisfarne – Main Parade at 7.00am, assemble at the Lindisfarne Post Office, Main Service at 7.30am, ANZAC Park Cenotaph in Lindisfarne, ANZAC Breakfast at 8.30am, Lindisfarne RSL located at the Motor Yacht Club, 1 Ford Parade, Lindisfarne.

Richmond – Main Service at 9.00am, Richmond Memorial.

South Arm – Dawn Service at 6.00am, Lone Pine Memorial, Fort Direction, South Arm – followed by breakfast at the RSL, Main Parade at 10.20am, assemble at the coffee shop/pharmacy on the main road, Main Service at 11.00am, South Arm Cenotaph.