Council at its recent meeting concluded the report provides the foundation for a suitable planning scheme amendment recognising and reinforcing the setting and character of Bellerive Bluff.

Clarence Mayor Doug Chipman said previous planning schemes for Bellerive Bluff have incorporated special planning controls relating to the Bluff and Victoria Esplanade which responded to the Bluff’s unique setting and distinctive built form. These local considerations were lost when Planning Directive 4 was introduced.

“Therefore, this amendment introducing the new Bellerive Bluff Specific Area Plan, aims to address the generic nature of Planning Directive 4 controls and will enable us to have regard for the character of the Bluff,” Mayor Chipman said.

“As Council has now agreed to certify this amendment, we will now put this out for a 28 day public exhibition stage, where we will invite members of our community to give feedback on the plan.”

The report established the Bluff as the natural focus of ‘Middle Harbour’ and central to the ‘dwelling region’ of the Bellerive community.

The amendment proposes a unique urban structure comprising of seven precincts, each with its own distinctive character and contribution to the Bluff setting.

Any changes to the planning scheme will require the approval of the Tasmanian Planning Commission.