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Climate Change Impacts on Clarence Coastal Areas report

Clarence City Council became the first local government in Tasmania to assess the future impacts of coastal processes on local low lying areas by commissioning the Integrated Assessment (IA) Climate Change Impacts report. The project was funded by the Australian Government, Department of Climate Change and the State Emergency Services and was delivered in partnership with the State Government and SGS consulting. See the report and associated publications for more details.

Climate Change Officer

Clarence City Council has employed a fulltime staff member since 2008 to undertake a range of climate change related duties, including greenhouse gas inventories, energy audits and policy development to help facilitate emission reduction activities in the community and within the Council. To contact the Climate Change Officer call (03) 6217 9719 or email at:

Cities for Climate Protection (CCP program)

Clarence City Council was a participant of the CCP program, alongside 6 other local governments in Tasmania (representing over 60% of the State's population), until the closure of the CCP program in June 2009.

Council had progressed halfway through the nationwide program before its cessation, which included completing greenhouse gas inventories for Council and the community (Milestone 1), setting a Council emission reduction target (Milestone 2) and developing a draft action plan (Milestone 3).

Emission reduction targets & action planning

Clarence City Council has set a Corporate target to reduce operational emissions down to 20% below 2003 levels. Clarence City Council is currently assessing what action on climate change the community would like to see from their local government. Updates on how this is progressing will be available shortly.


Clarence City Council has been servicing the recycling needs of the community through kerbside collection for over 20 years. Materials collected in Council's fortnightly collections are recycled through a modern recycling facility.

Monthly greenwaste collections are mulched and reused as high quality soil products. E-waste and white goods are collected and recycled as part of annual hard waste collection services, preventing the release of greenhouse gases (such as hydroflurocarbons from refrigerants) as well as reducing the need to consume new resources.

Recently additional recycling bins in key public places have been implemented to reduce the amount of recyclable material ending up as landfill.

Council has also been part of a partnership between the State Government, the Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT), waste strategy authorities and local governments to collect hazardous waste at chemical drop-off sites.

Also see Waste Management.


Clarence has focused on promoting sustainable forms of transport, including walking, biking and public transport.

In 2009 Clarence City Council sponsored a local community breakfast as part of the national Bike To Work Day event. Riders on the day rode over 400km, preventing at least 100kg or 200 balloons worth of greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

Also see Cycling and Tracks and Trails.


As part of Council's water conservation programme, a water friendly garden was established at the Rosny Farm. A booklet called Plants for the water friendly garden has also been developed to support the theme of the water friendly garden.

Clarence City Council also organises community groups, schools and work for the dole programs to revegetate public spaces with native plants, minimising the need for water pumping and better utilising water resources.

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