Real estate market

Kangaroo Bay

The property market in the City of Clarence is not dependent on the fortunes or otherwise of any particular industry sector and as such is very stable, holding its own during market downturns.

Clarence is a hotspot in the Tasmanian residential real estate industry, with excellent investments available at the upper and lower ends of the market.

Housing is very affordable in Tasmania compared with mainland Australian states. Rental properties, both private and government owned, are also available in most areas.

Commercial property growth and investment is centred upon the expanding Rosny Park business district, the Cambridge commercial and industrial park, and shopping precincts such as the Shoreline Howrah, Lindisfarne and Bellerive Village.

In terms of the industrial sector, Clarence has sustainable competitive advantages in the availability of serviced land, available local workforce, transport linkages and a range of lot sizes to provide for the needs of industrial users.

Up to date information on property availablity and investment opportunities is available from local real estate agents.