Development incentives

No Council rates for a year

Council rates will not be charged for a year on new non-residential developments in Clarence. Whether you build new buildings or extend existing ones, if you increase the total floor area available for rating on your property, you can apply for the rates break.

What the rates break means

New private sector non-residential developments, including office space, factories, farm buildings, shops and warehouses, are eligible for a 12 month rates exemption. This exemption applies to Council rates, which would normally be due on the new floor area, based on the capital value given to your property by the Valuer-General. It does not apply to State Government charges and levies on the new area.

How do I apply?

You need to write to the Council General Manager, or complete a form applying for the rates exemption prior to or within the same financial year as the date when the revaluation takes effect.

When will the rates break take effect for my property?

Once your building work is finished, the Valuer-General will revalue the property. The rate-free 12 month period will begin from the date the new valuation takes effect for rating purposes.