Hobart sea port

Hobart sea port

The Port of Hobart is one of the best deepwater ports in the world. The thriving commercial port offers safe all-weather access to all kinds of vessels, both large and small.

The large harbour is sheltered, fog free and, with a rise and fall of about one metre, virtually unaffected by tides.

Port operations are managed by TasPorts. The port is served by rail and road links to destinations throughout Tasmania. Modern cold storage facilities support the development of both agricultural and fisheries industries and the importation of selected products into Tasmania.

In addition to cargo vessels, frequent visitors to the port include naval ships, cruise liners, and antarctic research and support vessels.

Approximately 20 cruise vessels visit the Hobart Port over the summer period.

Extensive information on our southbound sea and air links can be obtained from the Australian Antarctic Division website.