Plants for the water friendly garden

Plants for the water friendly gardenAs part of Council's water conservation programme, a water friendly garden was established at the Rosny Farm. A booklet called Plants for the water friendly garden has now been developed to support the theme of the water friendly garden.

Plants for the water friendly garden is a pocket sized native plant field guide and can be used as a companion guide to Popular Trails in Clarence and Popular beaches in Clarence.

This booklet provides an interesting insight into a selection of local native plants growing in Clarence, many of which can be found at the Rosny Historic Centre's water friendly garden.

These plants were selected as representatives of the many species found in the surrounding dry grassy woodlands that would have been used by local aboriginal tribes or early colonial settlers. Many of these plants have a close relationship with the local fauna such as butterflies, ants, honey eaters, lizards and bandicoots.

The description of each plant reveals a number of intriguing attributes relating to its use as bush tucker, medicinal properties, fibre and dye production, as well as its role in providing habitat for native fauna.

Most of these plants are easy to grow in your home garden, and from late winter through to early summer will display a range of attractive flowers.

Since most of the plants described have adapted to survive during the dry summer and autumn periods by dying down into underground tubers, they assist in minimising water use in the garden.

Download Plants for the water friendly garden Plants%20for%20the%20water%20friendly%20garden (854 kb), or collect a copy from Clarence City Council or the Rosny Farm.