Water friendly garden

Water friendly garden

Water friendly gardenThis water friendly garden was established in 2002 to showcase plants that would have once grown in the dry grassy woodlands that covered the hills in the area.

Many of the plants in the garden were used by the Tasmanian aboriginal people for food, fibre, medicine and ceremony, and their descendants continue these traditions today.

Most native plants are easy to grow and they are 'water friendly', requiring less water than non-native plants. Growing these plants is a also great way to attract wildlife such as birds, bandicoots, lizards and butterflies to your garden.

Pick up a copy of Council's free booklet Plants for the water friendly garden at the Schoolhouse Gallery or at Clarence City Council offices.

For further information contact the Gallery Coordinator (03) 6245 8740 or Arts and Cultural Development Coordinator (03) 6256 8784 or schoolhouse@ccc.tas.gov.au