See me, hear me, know me postcards

Did you know? Initiative

This initiative was developed and facilitated by Council’s Disability Access Advisory Committee (DAAC), as an action of Council’s Access Plan 2014-2018.   Helping to build awareness and understanding of people living with a disability is a key strategy of the plan. 

As people living with disabilities themselves, the aim of members of the committee, was to engage with people of all ages across Clarence, to involve them in helping to raise awareness that disability affects us all in the community.

In Clarence, I in 5 people live with a disability.  That is 10,000 people living in our community.  Not all disabilities are visible, and not all are permanent. 

The idea to produce a postcard featuring positive and inspiring images of local people was designed to help raise awareness and appreciation by the people who may not routinely consider the needs of people living with a disability.

See me, hear me, know me – these are the key messages that the post cards communicate.  Council thanks all the community members who participated in this project, and Mosaic Support Services, Kathy Buttigieg and Clarence High School, who provided some of the fantastic images for the cards.

The postcards not only raise awareness, they are useful too!  

See me, hear me, know me postcards(1287 kb)

You can also drop into Council offices and pick some up, or contact Council’s Community Planning and Development Officer or Access and Inclusion Project Officer on 6217 9597 or 6217 9598 to arrange for them to be mailed to you.