Community Safety

What is community safety?

“Community safety influences all aspects of daily life: where we live, recreate and socialise, learn, work and participate. It provides a foundation for our long term choices and decision-making processes at the individual, family, community and societal levels.” (Dr Carolyn Whitzman, 2006, University of Melbourne).

Community safety is about people feeling safe. Perceptions of safety, real or perceived, can often impact how safe a person feels and also how they interact within their community.

People feel safer when they are connected with their community; when they have confidence in laws and policing; and when they are well informed, engaged in making their own choices and confident in their own abilities and actions (i.e. empowered).

Community Safety Plan 2016-2021

Council adopted a Community Safety Plan for 2016-2021 at a meeting in December 2016. Click on the following link to read a copy - Community Safety Plan 2016-2021(536 kb)

A community safety plan provides an opportunity to coordinate community safety and crime prevention initiatives, identifying, prioritising and addressing issues locally. Some of these issues include:

  • feeling and being safe in public places 
  • road and pedestrian safety 
  • trail bikes
  • public transport safety
  • graffiti/property damage
  • fire and flood
  • safety in the home 
  • family violence 
  • drugs and alcohol 
  • risk of injury 
  • bullying
  • cyber safety
  • water safety
  • youth disengagement 

Council hopes a plan will:

  • identify the key community safety issues;
  • outline the role of Council in relation to community safety;
  • provide a framework to address community safety with relevant organisations and government agencies; and
  • outline how these community safety issues will be addressed and evaluated (Action Plan).
More information

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