Tangara Trail - Acton Loop

The loop takes in a mixture of rural vistas, wooded areas and open grassland. It is a good beginners loop for horse riding and mountain biking as there are no challenging hills and the trail runs through open areas with good sightlines.

Go through the gate onto the Acton Court roadway and turn left downhill. At Acton Drive turn left and follow the road to the bottom of the hill. The Crossroads Track starts at the corner of Acton Road and runs alongside Acton Road for approximately 100m before crossing to the other side of the road. Take care crossing busy Acton Road.

The Crossroads Track passes through rural house lots until it joins the Acton Road South Track. Turn left and follow the track south. Cross Seven Mile Beach Road and continue 600m to a pump station. Turn left and take the Old Monmouth Track up the hill. Turn right towards Five Ways through a lightly wooded section past Five Ways, through the wooden gateways at Sirocco Court until you reach the Everton Track (near Roches Beach Rd).

Turn right onto the Everton Track until you reach the Acton Road South Track. Continue to Axiom Way where the Everton Track crosses to the opposite side of Acton Road. The track gradually rises uphill through a lightly wooded area before passing through rural lots. A steady climb near the end brings you onto Acton Drive and back to the start.

The track is mostly a narrow footpad with an unformed surface and may contain trip hazards, overgrown vegetation and boggy areas after rain. A section uses the roadway along Acton Court and Acton Drive but both are quiet roads. Take care at road crossings on busy Acton Road and Seven Mile Beach Road.



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